Apochrypha refers to the manuscripts that some say should be part of the Bible.   The apocrypha books are included in the Catholic Bible.

The following are the facts concerning the Apocrypha books.

1. None of the Apocrypha Books are written in Hebrew which is the language of the Old Testament.
2. None of the Apocrypha Books are referred to or quoted in the New Testament.
3. The Scholars of the King James Version of the Bible Clearly Stated that the Apocrypha books were not part of the Bible.
4. The Apocrypha Books teach immoral practices such as lying, suicide, assasination and magical incantation.
5. The Apochrypha Books contradict Scripture by describing sinless people and redeming all your sins by paying money.
6. The Books contradict themselves. ie Maccabees,   Antiochus Epiphanes dies three times in three different places and times.
7. None of the authors of the Apocrypha Books claim to be under the inspiration of God when writing the books.
8. Neither the Jews, nor the Christians (for the first 400 years after Jesus) ever considered the Apocrypha as part of the Bible.

2 Maccabees 12:43-45, 2.000 pieces of silver were sent to Jerusalem for a sin-offering...Whereupon he made reconciliation for the dead, that they might be delivered from sin.

          Ecclesiasticus 3:30, Water will quench a flaming fire, and alms maketh atonement for sin.

Tobit 12:8-9, 17, It is better to give alms than to lay up gold; for alms doth deliver from death, and shall purge away all sin.

          Tobit 6:5-8, If the Devil, or an evil spirit troubles anyone, they can be driven away by making a smoke of the heart, liver, and gall of a fish...and the Devil will smell it, and flee away, and never come again anymore.





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