That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.     Romans 10:9


   How do you believe ?   How do you believe when the world is saturated with belief systems that tell you not to believe.   Our educational system insists on teaching that the world is billions of years old and that evolution is a fact.   We are taught to believe and assume that there is so much evidence to support evolution, that debating the issue is only for people who ignore the facts and follow superstition instead.   The sad truth is that our educational system has conspired to instill in all children that evolution is true regardless of the complete lack of evidence.   All evidence for evolution is based on false premises, fabricated evidence, peer pressure and political correctness.    If you say you believe in evolution, you are accepted as an intelligent person.   If you do not believe in evolution, you are considered to be mentally diminished, or you are simply a religious fanatic that chooses to ignore the scientific evidence.   But...... THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.    The situation in the world today is the same as when Galileo dared to say that the earth revolved around the sun, or when everyone was certain that the world was flat.   We are all so certain that evolution is true.   Yet, there is no evidence of it being true.   But, we are all taught that the evidence is overwhelming and clearly shows that evolution is true.    We simply accept it and go on about our lives.    For Centuries, liberal thinkers have worked on developing any belief system that excludes GOD.   Liberals want to live however they want.    They don't want to judge you and they don't want to be judged.   Therefore, they must, must exclude GOD.     Today, many people reject the existence of  GOD, or they assign GOD to being a passive creator and now the rest of existence is up to us.   This is the direct result of developing a foundation that allows modern man to view our existence as the result of a cosmic accident rather than being created by Almighty GOD.    The foundation starts with false assumptions in carbon dating techniques that have long since been ignored, but have resulted in "scientific" conclusions about the earth being billions of years old.    This accommodates the theory of evolution and is in direct conflict with the Bible.    However, facts based on false assumptions are NOT facts, they are wishes, and no matter how much you wish for them to be true, they are not necessarily true.      If you believe in GOD and the Bible to be GOD's word, then you find more evidence in the Bible to show that the world is only 13000 years old, than you will ever find for the earth being billions of years old.   If you show that the earth is only 13000 years old, then evolution could not possibly be true.  Hence the desperate need to show the earth is very very old.   Again, wishing does not make it true.   The only alternative is to believe in GOD and believe that your entire world and your entire existence is due to GOD.   Liberal thinkers absolutely refuse to consider this option.    We are taught in our schools to reject this option and our society is currently expunging all references to GOD in public.   We have freedom of religion for now, but we live in a world that insists that science is in direct conflict with belief in GOD.   So, how do you Believe ?  Ironically, we begin by examining the evidence.   Facts, by definition are true and the facts show that we were created by Almighty GOD in a world that started about 13000 years ago and will end some time in the near future.  Those who believe in GOD will be caught up to His New Creation.   You must, however, believe, truly believe in GOD.


Chapter 1:  How Old is the Earth

Chapter 2:  Evolution Can't be True

Chapter 3:  What about the Dinosaurs ?

Chapter 4:  What about the Great Flood ?

Chapter 5:  Did People really live to be 900 years old ?

Chapter 6:  Are we getting Better or Worse ?

Chapter 7:  Is the Bible the Word of GOD ?


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