What Happened to the Dinosaurs ?

Society wants us to believe that Dinosaurs lived millions and millions of years ago, and the fossil remains of dinosaurs are clear signs of evolution.    However,  the Bible tells of the leviathan sea monter and tells of giant animals with legs the size of tree trunks.    The fact is that dinosaurs existed at the same time as man and there wasn't eons of time between the existance of man and dinosaurs.    Young dinosaurs were probably on Noah's Ark, and there was not a catastrophic meteor strike that eliminated the dinosaurs.    The fossil remains of disosaurs are from those that died in the flood and the dinosaurs that survived on the Ark either slowly died off after the flood, or the small reptiles of today are probably the dinosaurs of the past.   You see, man had a life span of 700 to 1000 years before the flood, and the environmental changes brought on after the flood reduced our life span to 70 to 100 years.   Well, if you let a reptile live to be 1000 years, you will have a reptile that has grown continuously for 1000 years.   You see, the difference between mamals and reptiles is that reptiles grow constantly through out their life span.   Mamals grow to maturity and then stop growing.    Before the flood, the environment on earth was very tropical and very humid.   There was a mist in the air at all times and there was a layer of moisture above the earth in the atmosphere.   As a result of the flood, the layer of moisture dropped to the earth, as well as the earth opening up and water from the deep swept over the land.   When the waters subsided, the earth was very different.   There was no longer a layer of water above the earth and there was no longer a mist in the air.    Rain was now part of our weather.   The environment was much less tropical, man and other animals had much much shorter life spans.    No longer could reptiles grow to become huge dinosaurs.   Instead, small lizards, toads, snakes, etc lived on the earth.    Watch how a tree grows.   A seedling tree looks almost nothing like the huge tree that it will become.    Imagine a small lizard that grows rapidly for 1000 years rather than very very slowly for only a year or two.   The small lizard will look nothing like what it could look like as a huge dinosaur.    So, rather than dinosaurs living millions of years ago, they simply lived along with man only 6000 to 13000 years ago and now dionsaurs only live long enough to become relatively small reptiles.   However, this means the Bible is true, and society will not tolerate this concept, because it acknowledges GOD as the creator.   And, you know what  that means, ..... we have to obey GOD and that is too much to ask.   However, GOD loves us like a father loves his children.   Obeying GOD is the very best thing for us.  GOD wants us to walk in His way because that is how He made us and He knows that His way is the best for ALL of us.  Also, realize that Gods way brings, by far, the most joy and reward.   In fact, the rewards God has in store for us are beyond our wildest dreams.   To realize them, we must walk in His Way.

If you think there is no evidence of the above description of what happened to the dinosaurs, you are very, very mistaken.   In fact, there is much much more evidence for the Biblical account of dinosaurs than the "evolutionary" account.   In fact, there is no evolutionary evidence, there is only evidence that coincides with the Bible.    First of all, fossils do not take millions of years to form.   There are numerous occassions where animal and plant life fossilized  in less than 10 years.   The only thing that is needed is sudden submersion in water.   Like the FLOOD !

There are many areas around the earth where they have found dinosaur tracts with human foot prints inside them.    Both fossilized together.  How could this happen if man and dinosaur did not exist together.   It couldn't !!  However, scientist will not address these findings and they are never discussed in the text books.  They are simply ignored. 

Also, what are all the tales of dragons and dragon slayers that are told in Midevil and Chinese folk lore.   These are tales of men slaying one of the rare dinosaurs that still existed at the time.   In fact, there are records of dinosaur sightings in the Wild West less than 150 years ago.   There are descriptions of flying reptiles that sound very much like Terodactyls.   What are the Lock Ness Monster sightings ?    Are there still a few dinosaurs left today ?   Perhaps, but if you search the literature, you will find compelling evidence that the dinosaurs did not suddenly become extinct millions of years ago.  They have instead been slowly dying out since the Flood of Noah's time.   What we have been told about dinosaurs is the biggest conspiracy of our time.   The truth may not  be revealed until Jesus comes again.   However, GOD will say that the TRUTH has been revealed in the Bible and it has been before ALL of us for thousands of years.

But, Most choose ......... NOT to Believe.

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