Your Intelligence is ONLY a Gift from God

Intelligence is important, but it is still only a gift from GOD.  It does not make you independent from GOD, nor does it give you the capability to replace GOD.   Intelligence is a wonderful thing, but it can be your strongest hindrance to believing in GOD.   Our society values intelligence, independence, and we celebrate man's triumph over his world through intelligence, determination and human sacrifice.   We are taught that evolution is the only true order of the world and that the objective scientific method will eventually solve all problems.   Your intelligence causes you to be "Puffed Up" and to think that you make things happen, and that you are the cause of your success.   This cuts GOD out of your life and serves only to strip you of your eternal salvation.  

   Faith pleases GOD, because it makes you rely on HIM.  This, of course, is the TRUE state of affairs.  We ARE completely dependent on GOD.   This is true, no matter how many diseases we cure, or society's problems we solve. You must have Faith to begin believing in GOD.  Once you begin believing, you begin to see the true order of the world and everything begins to make sense, and to "ADD UP".   However, you must have faith and believe in GOD first. NO EXCEPTIONS.   Then, and ONLY THEN, will GOD begin to reveal Himself to you.   Once I believed, and surrendered to GOD, He began revealing Himself, and continues to reveal more and more.  

   Consider the following truths that are bitterly contested by our "LOST" society.

1. GOD created this earth and all the life that is in it.  It was created about 13000 years ago, not millions or billions of years ago.

2. Each time a seed sprouts, the miracle of life has been granted.  We may know what plants needs to grow, but no one knows what actually causes a seed to sprout into a plant.  It is a miracle from GOD.  Yes, each and every plant you see is the result of a miracle.  They would not grow if GOD did not grant each plant the miracle of life.   Look around you, the world is full of the miracle of life and we have been taking it for granted since the beginning of time.

3. Dinosaurs did not become extinct millions of years ago.  They gradually died out over time (thousands of years). The last reported sitting of a dinosaur was 150 years ago.  This sounds outrageous, but it is true, and YES, society has been feeding us a lie for generations.

4. We are not getting better, we are steadily getting worse.  Don't let our technological advances fool you.  These advances were granted by GOD because we need them to survive as the human race deteriorates in intelligence, determination and motivation.  Yes, we are getting worse, not better.  Adam was far more intelligent than Einstein.  Adam probably understood far more than we ever will.   Look at what is happening to our society. Within 50 years, there will be no one on earth who will have the capability of making change for a dollar in their head.   Everyone will rely totally on a computer to do ALL computations. Just the other day, I was at a tourist attraction and the man in the booth stated that they do everything by hand. Then he proceeded to pull out his hand held calculator to calculate my bill, and then he pulled out his hand held credit card reader to process the transaction. Doing it by hand meant doing the calculations and processing on small hand held computers!

These are just a few revelations.



You will find that the world makes much more sense, and you will find that it takes far less faith to believe in GOD than it does to deny that GOD exists.

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