What About the Dinosaurs ?


Dinosaurs capture the imagination of everyone at one time or another, especially children.   What better venue for indoctrinating our children into the idea that the world is millions and millions of years old, and it is done through out our educational system from the very beginning.   Our children are absolutely convinced that dinosaurs had to exist long long ago, and that no human being would have survived during the time of the dinosaurs.   Of course, these scary times must have been a long time ago and thank God we did not exist during that time.   However, the evidence that dinosaurs existed along with man and that they may still exist today, is ignored and supressed.    We assume that dinosaurs roamed the earth in such large numbers that we could not have existed with them.   But,  what if their numbers were relatively small, and humans only encountered dinosaurs occassionaly, if not rarely.   This would make sense if dinosaurs started out small and only very few grew to the large sizes we see in the fossil record.   Dinosaurs are reptiles and they grow through out their lives.  So, the huge dinosaurs may have taken several decades to grow to their huge size.  Most of them may have been killed long before they became too big. 

  The fossil record shows dinosaur foot prints with human foot prints inside them.  These facts are never discussed in our classrooms or in our text books.    Dinosaurs did not simply become extinct as the result of a huge ateroid hitting the earth as we were taught in school and as it is currently being taught in our museums.   In fact, dinosaurs still exist today.  They are very rare, but sightings of dinosaurs still surface and have been written about and reported on through out our distant, recent and very recent history.   Click here to review some of the most recent sightings.   Dinosaurs did not become extinct, they have been slowly reduced in numbers over the centuries.   Most people will never see one.   In midevil times, dragon slayers were brave knights who ventured into areas that were avoided because of the known presence of a dinosaur.   This was just one dinosaur that defended a certain area that everyone had to avoid.  So, brave men seeking hero status, ventured into the area to slay the dragon.   Chinese folk lore is full of dragon legends.    Again, these are modern day dinosaurs living amoung humans.   Click here for more information on dinosaurs.

So,  the existance of dinosaurs along with humans does not conflict with the creation story of the Bible.  Dinosaurs are simply part of it.    The term dionsaur was coined in 1841, not while the Bible was being written.   In the Bible, dinosaurs are referred to as Leviathan and Behemoth.   However, people, who do not want to believe the Bible, have been usng these fantastic creatures as a means to develop an alernate reality that better suits their desire to exclude God and to avoid judgement.    Why not embrace our Creator and receive the blessings and the harmony He intends for us to have.     Judgement will come regardless.   The real question is whether you want to be judged by your loving Father that you have grown to know and love, or do you want to be judged by the Great Creator that you have absolutely no relationship with ?     


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